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Visiting Program

Visiting Student Program allows you to spend 1-2 semesters at Kyung Hee University!
We eagerly provide you one of the best international study options in Korea
Why Study at Kyung Hee University
Ranked 37th in QS University Ranking, Asia in 2014
Friendly campus with multicultural atmosphere for international students
Strong international partnerships with 498 universities overseas
A wide range of courses conducted in English
Where K-Pop stars were โ€˜bornโ€™ and shine
Academic requirements
- must be an undergraduate student
- currently enrolled or taking a leave of absence at a four-year university
- must have an overall GPA of 70 or above our of 100
- must have more than one semester remained at home university after the visiting program
Language proficiency
- TOPIK Level 3 or above (in case of taking courses conducted in Korean)
- TOEFL iBT 82, IELTS 6.5,TOEIC 730, or above (in case of taking courses conducted in English)
  * If applying to study in his/her native language, a proof of language proficiency is not required
Tuition and Fee
Students are responsible for tuition and living expenses in Korea
Tuition may vary depending on majors (The exact amount will be notified later)
There are mandatory fees : Application fee(non-refundable, KRW 60,000) and Administrative fee (KRW 100,000)
Mandatory fees
- Application fee(non-refundable) : KRW 60,000
- Administrative fee : KRW 100,000
Application Procedure
  • Submit Online Application

  • Documents Screening

  • Tuition and Fee Payment

  • Issuance of Certificate of Acceptance

  • Obtain visa

  • Study at KHU

Application Deadline
Spring Semester(March) Fall Semester(September)
Application Period November 1 โ€“ 30 May 1 โ€“ 31
Duration of Program 1 semester : March โ€“ June
2 semesters : March - December
1 semester : September โ€“ December
2 semesters : September โ€“ June
You can choose your study period(1 or 2 semesters) when filling out the application form
You can register from 9 to 18 credits per semester
Credit acquisition criteria applied for incoming exchange students at KHU will be applied for
 visiting program participants as well

* All the above information is subject to change

Contact Information
-Seoul Campus
  Tel. : +82-2-961-0030~2
  Email : khsa0029@khu.ac.kr
- Global Campus
  Tel. : +82-31-201-3961~4
  Email :intlctr@khu.ac.kr