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Academic Life Advice

학사관리 포인트
How to succeed academically in college
Major and general education courses, requisite and optional
There are two types of courses in universities; courses for your major
and courses for general education. Courses for your major are taught within your department. General education courses are for all students regardless of their majors. Courses also get divided into requisite courses and optional courses. Requisite courses must be taken in order to graduate.
3 to 4 hours of classes a day on average
Each course is usually 3 credits (There are 1 credit or 2 credit courses depending on the subjects). One course is taught for 3 hours a week. Students must obtain 130 credits in order to graduate, therefore each semester students should take at least 18 credits. If a student registered for
6 classes (3 credits each), the student will have 3 to 4 hours of classes a day
and 18 hours of classes a week. There is a limit to the number of courses
a student may register for each semester. The limit differs between departments, but a student may register from 15 to 21 credits a semester. 36 credits need to be completed in a year.
CISS will host an orientation for incoming international students.
During the orientation, information related to academics will be provided.
It is good to attend to orientation to receive any information student may need.
Read the guideline for course registration thoroughly
Grade Management
A student’s grades show how productively the student spent his/her time in college. Grades not only affect the student’s personal reputation, but also the direction of the student’s career after graduation.
Be aware of the different testing system than high school
Students may be tested with essay-type questions, as it is a good way to explore students’ creativity. It is better to combine
what you have learned in class and your general knowledge when you answer the essay-type questions. Think about joining
study groups or reading books related to the class to enhance your grades for essay type questions.
Be sure to submit all the reports
Reports are one of the factors used to determine grades. You will write reports on topics related to the course, but you will have to find the information outside of the textbook. Therefore, it is important to be diligent when writing reports. If caught with
plagiarism, students will be penalized with a low grade and a permanent reputation of plagiarism. Please keep in mind that
studying the materials taught in class is one way of studying, but searching for information to write down your thoughts
on the topic you are taught is also another way of studying.
Importance of preparation for classes
It is important to prepare and review for classes in order to fully understand the material. If students have questions, they should write it down to see their professors.