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Sehwawon opened in February 2005 to accommodate students from suburban areas and to provide them with a comfortable school life. It can host international students from all over the world, and this will provide students opportunities to become familiar with different cultures.
I-HOUSE opened in 2008. It was built to accommodate international students and provide them with a comfortable life at Kyung Hee University. Now, we have 4 I-HOUSES. I-HOUSE provides an opportunity for international students to interact and share culture to become global Kyung Hee students.
Woojungwon, which is the biggest and well-equipped dormitory within domestic universities, opened in the fallof 1998. It is a complex dormitory with many stores and a large dining hall for students. It can hold approximately 1,900 students.
Second Dormitory
Second Dormitory, which has the best facility for freshmen students, opened in the spring of 2008. Second Dormitory provides an optimal environment for students to succeed in their college lives.