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Q) Is it possible to take courses from the other campus?

No. Inter-campus course registration is not available for exchange students.

Q) How many credits do I need to register at KHU?

You need to consult your home university concerning which courses and how many you should register. KHU policy requires all students to take 15~21 credits per semester. However, it is adjustable for exchange students.

Q) How can I extend my exchange period?

After your Home university approves the extension, they need to send an email to request your extension to the Office of International Affairs, KHU. Afterwards, please extend your alien registration card at the Immigration Office

Q) When does the semester begin and when are the exams?

Spring semester begins in the first week of March and fall semester in the first week of September. One semester in KHU is composed with 16 weeks. The mid-term exam takes place on the 8th week, and the final exam on the 16th week.

Q) Where is Global Campus and how far is it from Seoul Campus?

Global Campus is located in Yongin City. It is about 55km south from Seoul Campus and it is about 1 hour drive. During the semester, we provide inter-campus shuttle. By public transportation(bus and subway), it will take about 1hr. 40min.