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CAMPUS Name Responsibility Contact Information
SEOUL & GLOBAL Dean, Hyungna OH - Oversee the Office of International Affairs Tel. 02-961-0030~0032
Fax. 02-962-4343

Email Inquiries

SEOUL Vice-Dean, Mr. Jun-hyun KIM - Supervise the Office of International Affairs
Chief, Ms. Jin-hee PARK - Supervise outbound int'l programs
- Manage university’s assessment (internationalization)
Chief, Mr. Sang-hoo PARK - Manage university’s assessment (internationalization)
- Supervise and manage MOU
- Manage int’l Events
Ms. Im-jung LEE - Manage outbound exchange programs for
   English-speaking countries
- Host campus tour for foreign visitors
Ms. Geun Yeong KIM - Manage inbound/outbound exchange programs for
   Chinese-speaking countries
- Manage outbound int’l program
- Host campus tour for foreign visitors
Ms. Seogyeong PARK - Manage inbound/outbound exchange programs for
   Japanese-speaking countries
- Operate Institutional TOEFL
- Manage the scholarship for exchange students
Ms. Yejin YANG - Manage inbound exchange students from
   English-speaking countries
- Support outbound int’l program
GLOBAL Team Leader,
Kyungah SUH
- Establish the strategy for internationalization projects
- Build strategies to recruit int’l students
Tel. +82-31-201-3961~4
Fax. +82-31-201-3969

- General Inquiries:

- Support for
    In'tl Students:

- In'tl Admission:
Tommy S. JI
- Plan overseas trainings and int’l training programs
- Supervise the recruitment process of int’l students
Int’l Admission Coordinator,
Jeong-mi CHOI
- Plan and manage the admission for int’l students
Int’l Program Coordinator,
Jennie K. JANG
- Plan inbound and outbound exchange programs
- Manage MOU with overseas universities
Gov. Scholarship Coordinator,
- Invite and support KGSP students
- Support the recruitment of int’l students
- Conduct counseling for int’l students
Inbound Exchange Coordinator,
Gina J. KONG
- Manage the inbound exchange students
- Operate the buddy program for int’l students
Outbound Exchange Coordinator,
Borae PARK
- Support the outbound exchange students
- Manage the outbound exchange program to European
- Operate the Institutional TOEFL
Int’l Admission Counselor,
Bo-bae JUNG
- Conduct admission counseling for int’l students
- Operate culture trips for int’l students
- Manage visa related issues for int’l undergraduate